INTERTECHNICA was born with the declared mission to bring a new flavor of quality and dedication into the IT business. We succeed along with our customers by keeping a close, honest relationship with them.

Understanding customer’s business

To understand the customer’s business is the critical aspect of delivering useful solution. At INTERTECHNICA we focus on finding what are the main drivers of our customer’s drivers and improve the outcome they provide.

Providing quality deliveries

A quality product or service advertises by itself. INTERTECHNICA makes quality a major business objective and differentiator in the same time. We consider quality through out all processes.

An agile approach

The current business environment is more fluid than ever. INTERTECHNICA adapts to its customers in order to provide truly customized services to them. Every customer is unique.

Business standards and ethics

We take pride in what we do, for we strive to do it best. For INTERTECHNICA every collaboration has a personal touch, it is a quest toward perfection and excellence.