Software Development

INTERTECHNICA offers custom, dependable and professional software development services. We have highly qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic development teams that enjoy the challenge of implementing complex requirements and providing added value to the customers. Here is what we can do for you:

Application Design

INTERTECHNICA will help you transform your ideas into working applications. We will design applications over the entire spectrum: user interface, usability, technical and so forth. We help you transform your idea into valuable software.

Fast prototyping

Today’s competition is pushing you to always find the fastest time to market. Maybe you need to see a proof of concept, an early version or possibly a prototype to help raising your funding. INTERTECHNICA helps you to get the best of your vision in shortest time.

Custom development

Meeting deadline, cost and quality requirements is an never ending challenge in software development. Intertechnica will help you to develop software that work  and focuses on maximizing your added value. We enjoy developing WEB applications, standalone and mobile as well.

Application maintenance

Is your application near the end of its lifecycle? Does it need a boost of performance? Does it need optimization? INTERTECHNICA will analyze it and propose you improvement paths and even possible rewrites.