E-commerce business analysis and management services


In a close collaboration between INTERTECHNICA and JPARD there was delivered an e-commerce solutions for 360 SPORT, one of the most relevant suppliers of outdoor equipment in Cluj Napoca, Transylvania. INTERTECHNICA was responsible with providing the project planning and management services along with overseeing the general business analysis process.


Project management and coordination

In order to have an excellent delivery, INTERTECHNICA provided the following services:

  • Coordination for project start and initiation, thus ensuring an excellent starting ground for its partners;
  • Overall planning for the execution phase, through an agile approach and optimized workflow;
  • Coordination for go-live and  post-launch operational support.

Business analysis

Good requirements are fundamental for the success of a project and INTERTECHNICA helped it partners succeed by:

  • Conducting requirements elicitation workshops;
  • Facilitating the shaping of requirements and translating them into functional specifications.


PRACT-IT is a project ensuring a quality internship for IT, Business Management and Marketing students. It is focused on bringing together the students, the companies and the public education organizations for an unified approach to internship.

Some figures which are relevant to the extent of the project:

  • 450 students
  • 40 organisations
  • 20  tutors
  • 2 faculties

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